Become a member: Your added value at a glance

For privileged investor members

1:Secure your access to exciting sales mandates

As part of our network, you can be sure that we will immediately inform you about the possibilities of exclusive company sales, partly within the framework of an early look procedure.

2: Avoid expensive search mandates

Find suitable add-on targets for your portfolio companies with our help. We search for portfolio supplements for our members on the basis of their individual search criteria (technologies, products, regions,...) - at no extra cost. Search mandates only for you, challenge us!/p>

3: Benefit from our strong network

Thanks to our extensive methodological expertise in sell-side mandates, we offer you access to national and international company sales from all sectors with sales figures between € 5 and 150 million. In 25 years, our experienced partner advisors have built strong relationships worldwide.

4: Conduct exclusive and bilateral initial talks

By implementing the best owner approach, we can - after consultation with our clients - offer you in individual cases bilateral initial talks without complicated selection or bidding procedures.

5: Save expenses for a finder’s fee

There are no additional fees for completed investments. With Change2Future you can find the ideal company quickly and easily, without hidden costs. The matching as well as all other processes and search orders are integrated into the membership.

6: Online matching with intelligent algorithms

All participants are manually verified by us. Afterwards, our intelligent algorithms match the search criteria you specify with those of the seller. The online process saves costs and valuable time for all participants.